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Here at BIMM, we’ve always had our finger on the pulse identifying key regions in the global contemporary music industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to open BIMM colleges in the coolest, freshest and most creative cities around – London, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol – and we’ll connect you to the best of the music business in all of them.

At BIMM, we’re in a unique position.
Our job is to help to build up the music network of our students, but because of our location at the heart of the world’s music industry, we’ll not only connect you to the British and European music industries, but the global one too.

We’re very proud to welcome students from all over the world. We currently have over 750 international learners from 60 different countries who bring a welcome dimension to the vibrant BIMM environment.

So if you’re an international student, why not apply to study music in the home of modern music? 



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